Pelts & Fabrics - Annie's Unique Lamb-skin blankets

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The pelts I am using are from either naturally gray, curly and silky Swedish Gotland lambs or curly, silky, soft cream-white Leicester lambs. Soft lambskins, sometimes bigger sheepskins. Always carefully selected directly from sheep farms in Sweden, tanned in Tranås, Sweden, and washable.

The pelts vary in shade, curl size and fur length. I hand pick the very best pelts and carefully match them together to make a blanket. You can order the type of pelt you like the best. Note that long-haired fur is not washable.

The fabrics, also very carefully selected, are all natural materials like silk, cotton, linen, wool and come from different parts of the world. Most of them are hand woven or hand quilted, Fair Trade marked, sometimes vintage.
You can also choose your own fabric for your blanket, maybe one you already have, or a special favourite fabric. I can also help you find a fabric according to your wish.

The blankets are sewn in a traditional, Swedish style and in different sizes. I sew them with a fur edge framing also the fabric side, a so-called “lice border”. In the old days it was common in Sweden to sleep under lambskin blankets in your bed. Lice where also common in those days and would be squeezed dead in the lice border which is open to the outer edge….
Lambskin blankets where highly valued and registered when listing an estate’s assets. They where passed on through the generations and sewn by special lambskin blanket makers.
Traditionally home-woven wool fabrics where used as backings. I like to use unique fabrics from different parts of the world – it makes an exciting combination and is so beautiful!

Every lambskin blanket is numbered and delivered with its individual document giving information on the origin of the pelts and the fabric and with detailed care instructions.

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